Lots of attention to the beautiful state of New Hampshire today. Lots of campaign promises too. (do you think ANY of the candidates truly believe they can deliver ALL their promises?) I wonder…… All I can give you though is MY promise … a promise to TRY to share an image with you today, and every day this year. I am pretty sure I can keep my promise though! So, it seems only appropriate to share one from New Hampshire then as well…I guess:) Grabbed this one a couple of years ago on a workshop up there. Again, gotta make it back there…..someday. Beautiful state!  :)


“The beauty and charm of the wilderness are his for the asking, for the edges of the wilderness lie close beside the beaten roads of the present travel.” – Theodore Roosevelt

As today was yet another win for the Broncos, I thought I would share this one. Colorado is an amazing place to visit! This was from my second visit to the Rocky Mountain National Park. An amazing place to visit ANY time of the year. Make sure and watch the weather report as it can change pretty rapidly. My trip through the park on this particular day had a range of about 40 degrees and ran the gammer from sun, to rain, to show. Gotta love nature though:) And these lakes are a breeze to visit. This was one of a couple that is actually easily accessible from a convenient parking lot and has a nice path that runs the whole way around it! Thank you Woodrow Wilson!_DSC6620-HDR-Edit

I had this little European village on my radar ever since I saw a picture of it in an article from a magazine several years ago. I believe it was in a magazine called European Travel. Was my favorite for several years….till they canned it. Sad, but that’s the evolution of business. Speaking of that, I heard a little bit about a big change in KelbyOne or Kelby training the other day. Ill wait till the dust settles a bit before I comment more on that, but as I respect Scott quite a bit as an amazing industry trainer and entrepreneur, I can only wish he and his remaining team the best!

2007-7-26 Europe trip 306-Edit

Incidentally, this was a shot I reworked that I captured about 9 years ago as I was just beginning to recharge my love of photography batteries. I used a few tips and tricks I gained from the folks at KelbyOne. Scott Kelby was one of the people that fueled that journey. Again, I wish the best for him…as well as all the amazing creatives from there that are now beginning a new and from what seems to be an abrupt transition in their careers!

As always, more to come!
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“We do not see nature with our eyes, but with our understandings and our hearts.” –  William Hazlett

I took a few moments while on an event out in Colorado Springs to head out and get a breath of nature. I shared a few images from that event on this post over here. Getting out into the open world after being cooped up in a ballroom programming and running lights for hours and hours on end is a gift I always embrace. It also humbles me just after working with dozens and sometimes hundreds of individual light sources, I am reminded when I come across a landscape like this of what can be done with only one light source. AMAZING actually don’t ya think?

Garden of the Gods

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