“In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. I want to ask you to keep this great wonder of nature as it now is. I hope you will not have a building of any kind, not a summer cottage, a hotel or anything else, to mar the wonderful grandeur, the sublimity, the great loneliness and beauty of the canyon. Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Nuff said…..

Sunrise in the Canyon
Oh….and I did share a quick tip Tuesday video over on the ole’ YouTubes, but its not really photography related. It’s over here if you are curious though:)

Again, just a quicky post today (Mike, is that anyway to start a blog entry? Really…..)

Been a little busy recently working on a cool photography project I’ll share a bit about soon. It kind of involves a few things I am personally passionate about, but like I said, more on that soon:)

That being said, I still want to try to stay current for those out there who like tuning in for the daily image.

Here is one I shared with my Facebook peeps today…..

Marketplace in Annecy-2

As I mentioned there, these little markets throughout many European villages are so cool! The bread guy, the cheese guy, the produce guy, the wine guy….what more do ya need? I captured this one while wandering the cute little town of Annecy this past summer:)

I’ll go into the process a bit deeper on a future post, but I have been playing around with the “Impressions” plugin from Topaz. I really love the options on this app. The latest version upgrade to 1.1 has even more styles to choose from! Again, a deeper dive soon as I am fading fast as I type this (actually, this is such a boring post that I hope YOU aren’t dozing off as well!)

I need to start outlining these posts don’t I……?

Anyway, check out some of the other cool toys from the cool folks at Topaz here. The Impressions plugin is what I used to create those “painterly” looks of parts of the image above. (I kinda already said that didn’t I?)

Yeah, its time to turn in……


Hey folks!

If you haven’t checked out this guys work yet, I think you are in for a real treat!

Meet the Artist – Devin Supertramp



 (I would love to give credit for this image, but I can’t find the creator! Its not mine though……)

His work originally came across my radar after watching a couple of Lindsey Stirling videos about a year or so ago and I have been a fan ever since. I also got to listen to a presentation he gave about a year ago at a show I was lighting for some folks in the advertising world. To say that he is passionate about what he does is definitely an understatement!

He has an amazing way of engaging the audience with slick camera work and great editing to ultimately create these unique clips of art. He is also great example of the “new creative” working in this social media driven world. Collaborating, sharing your tips, openly giving credit to the team……traits that can sometimes be hard to find in the competitive arts.

Take a few minutes and explore his world of motion and visual entertainment below!

Devin’s youtube channel (I still can’t believe some of these crazy stunts!)

Devin’s behind the scenes youtube channel (love this one!)

Devin’s website

Here is a short clip that is typical of the art he shares. Crazy isn’t it?! Also, a great clip about what makes him tick!


So this little explosion of color happened as I was heading back to the hotel room after a long day behind the lighting console. Perfect timing and a perfect end to a ……. well, ….. a perfect day!


Of course, the image didn’t really come right out of the camera like this:)

As you know (if you read this blog from time to time), the second half of the process happens back in the digital darkroom!

So I sent out a quick tweet the other day to see if I could answer any questions (I need to do that more often!) My friend Aaron replied with a request to create an action to help out with creating “slight” tweaks to your images with out overdoing for example the saturation or vibrance. As I mention in the video, there are many paths to take your image processing, so this was a difficult one for me to zero in on. I am sure I will address this again in the future but here is a good start!

So for tonights Quick Tip video, its all about creating an action…..that can easily be adjusted for your specific image. Sometimes its the simple touches you can give your image. Get in, get out, and get on with shooting!

Let me know if you like this and would like a few more! Ill post them for download if you like:)


  • Aaron Adel - November 5, 2014 - 6:28 pm

    I love the simplicity of this action, but also like the flexibility. Thank you so much, Mike. I couldn’t have asked for a better solution. I will create the action myself, but if you offer any for download, please let us know, and I’ll be first in line.ReplyCancel

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”  – Pablo Picasso

What is art if you can’t share it?

I know I ramble on quite a bit here on the blog about art and finding passion in creating and sharing your gift with the world. One of those forms that I often personally struggle with is the art for of the word. It’s while I am typing this at my little table in Starbucks on a cool South Florida evening that I am reminded of that.

The easy part about these Sunday evening “Meet the Artist” posts is the mechanical things. You know, finding an image, perhaps a video or 2, links to social media and blogs, a half assed attempt at formatting the wordpress post…..these are easy. How to give credit to the artist and why his gift to the world is so special? That’s the bigger challenge for me…..

Well, to get this thing going (finally Mike!), I’ll simply share an intro to Alex right from one of his own sites:)

Meet the Artist – Alex Kovolsv

I have been a fan of his for a couple of weeks now and have devoured a few of his lessons in studio photography. He is an amazing mix simple “you can do this” tips and technical suggestions as well as an extremely talented visual artist. Its not often that you find people with a nice mix of these 2 traits.

(again, I’m fumbling with the words. I warned you!)

So like I said, right from the words of Alex….

I’m a mix of technicality, innovation and out of the box thinking. I love taking on technical challenges in anything I do, including photography.

As a photographer, I am completely self taught. I don’t know the rules, nor do I care about them. I don’t follow the herd, I do it my way. That’s turned out to be invaluable in what I do. It has allowed me to experiment, see outside the borders, challenge the authorities and create a stunning photography style that is crisp, sharp and crystal clear.


I’m sure you will enjoy these 2 clips as I know I gig. The google creation was pretty cool don’t ya think?!

How Google was made from Alex Koloskov on Vimeo.


This next one is an example of some of the amazing tutorials (most are free!) he has created. Check out the links below for more!

Studio Photography 101- How to create a gradient reflection with large softbox from Alex Koloskov on Vimeo.


For more from Alex, check out more of his art on his portfilio here, a few more great videos here on Vimeo, a few stories on his blog here, and his amazing educational site over here!

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