“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. ~Thomas Merton

So I’ve been getting a bit lazy in the “sharing my art” part of my world ….. especially on this blog! I am sure I eluded to that before in an earlier post. I think back from time to time when I used to post EVERY SINGLE DAY! That was of course before the distractions of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and a myriad of other sharing platforms that we all find ourselves in as of late. As these “distractions” continue to claw deeper and deeper into our time, as creatives, its so important to put the brakes on what you consume.

Outside of the normal diversions we all find ourselves in, I am also in the process of a major restructuring of my lighting design and production company as well as a reconsideration of where we are going to be located. Lots going on! Although the topic is not really photography related at all, I an sure I will post a few updates as that process unfolds. It is kind of a personal blog after all. Even though its not what most readers and viewers show up here for, I think there are a few key business lessons and pointers I can share that may be of value. Let me know if that interests you:)

ALL that being said, (what HAVE I said actually……) to bring you a little up to date, here are a few images I have been sharing over on Facebook recently. Although I haven’t taken the time to dive into a story, caption, or even a HASHTAG about what I have been sharing, its still nice to break up the political and general doom and gloom posts that seem to be cluttering the feeds lately.

Nothing epic, just a few images from this amazing world we live in that I have processed with a variety of techniques:)

_DSC8372_DSC89372010_10_NewEngland_109-EditNewEngland2012.-380Start of fall

Oh one more thing before I skadattle (I really DID think that was an actually word….guess not), I am thinking of creating another course by the end of the year. I really enjoyed creating this one here, but it does take a lot of planning.

Thats a pretty aggressive though, and in fact, now that I think of it, there is actually NO WAY I’ll get one done by the end of the year. It was on my goal sheet though so I figured I would mention it. So what should I make this course on? Lightroom tips? Hardware? Food photography? Interiors? Updated HDR processing?

So many directions I can this.

Let me know what I can help you with in the comments or feel free to reach out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!


“Creativity is always a leap of faith. You’re faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage.” – Julia Cameron

I shared a few of these images here and here before, and still had these in the que or the “to blog and share later” folder. Remember when this place (this blog) was a place I went to every day? It was a place to come back to each and every day to share what I had learned, to share a tip, but mostly, to share an image that I had either worked on that day, or grabbed from that folder I was just talking about. More about that in a few.

Before I get too sidetracked, lets have a look at todays images shall we?

Michael Steighner - 11

Michael Steighner - 12

So, as these were waiting VERY patiently to be shared, let me give you the skinny on them again. Its the least I can do…

I was lucky a couple of years ago to have a little time to catch a workshop with amazing John Paul Caponagro. There is a pretty good job I hashed that spelling up, but I’ll link to his work! I went with the intention to get away from my normal workflow and explore a different side of my imagination. As the workshop evolved, I found myself slipping back into the HDR processing as it was my comfort zone. So I decided not to fight it but embrace it. The end result as I shared my mini “portfolio” for critique at the end of the workshop was this collection of a full frame image couple with a dip tic grouping that showed a much different perspective with a completely different process. I did this from every location we went to. As the week went on and I realized that this was the way I wanted to share my work, the very process of looking at these scenes with almost 2 sets of eyes was I think exactly the challenge I was looking for in the first place.

Now THAT was a whole lotta nothing wasn’t it? Anyway…..

So getting back to my absence here, I dive into that a little later in another post or so, but I think its REALLY time to get back to these posts again! With this age of social media and the million and one places to share your work, I think I have been getting pulled from too many directions! Time to focus:)

Its good to be back……..


“You cannot see the Grand Canyon in one view, as if it were a changeless spectacle from which a curtain might be lifted, but to see it you have to toil from month to month through its labyrinths.” – John Wesley Powell 

So I had this detailed plan for a blog post that I was cooking up all day. It has a lot to do with work in the future, higher education, and the evolution of humans….you know, some light topic stuff. Well after half a day baking in the Florida heat out on a drift boat (no, I didn’t catch a thing!), I have to admit that my mind is jello.

So till I get those brain cels back to work, please enjoy this pretty picture I shared the other day on Facebook. A little departure from my normal processing workflow, but I like it:)

Catching first light-2

Another day, another update….

So when did WordPress 4.3 come out? Some nice new updates from what I can see from the 3 minute intro video. Someday I’m actually going to have to take a few hours and actually learn WordPress from the ground up. At the very least, I might want to search for a cheat sheet online. Siri?

Been bumbling about the interface for over 7 years now and I STILL feel like I am barely getting by. I guess that just part of the fun though. Dive in and learn to swim later….

(mike, whats with all the ….’s?)


Todays image

Sharing my work. That was the original purpose of this blog. Inspired by Trey Ratcliff, my journey into the world of HDR, travel, and event illumination felt like a great foundation of content of which to share on a daily basis. Hard to believe it was over 7 years ago that I posted for the first time! A challenge to do this daily though. Trey, I don’t know how you do it!!!

This blog has of course changed a bit over the past few years (I’m actually about to launch yet another theme again soon!), but its still in essence the same. A jumbled collage of random observations of nothing with some cool images to keep you interested! Its been a little difficult to keep posting on a daily basis as there are so many places to share your art, not of which were really either available when I started this, or places that I was a part of. I think I might need a social media schedule:)

Till then, let the randomness continue….

Here is a quick one I cooked up from a recent “cloud and storm chasing” afternoon here down in South Florida. Lots happening up in the sky this time of year. I wonder how many people actually take to time to enjoy the view. Do you?

Head in the clouds...again

“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

So this was the view from the room. Can you believe it!?

Highly recommended if you are going to be exploring this part of the country. Sure, you can just stop by and grab the obligatory tourist snapshot midday, but staying right on the edge of the park for early morning and late evening “light” is one of the keys to getting great images isn’t it? Of course, this was taken mid day, but can you imagine this place as the sun sets?!

Aside from the photographers perspective, the real magic of these kinda places happens after the tourist busses have gone and you have the whole place to yourself. The nighttime sky here is AMAZING!

Check out the hotel here if you are heading that way and make sure and spend some time driving the dirt road into the valley while you are there. Its a little rough in some places, but the rental car didn’t seem to mind:)

A view from the room - Monument Valley

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