So first off….Happy New Year! (only about 18 days too late though Mike) Been a little busy lately illuminating a few events and working on a couple of other projects, but isn’t that always the excuse:(

Yeah, I know, its time to get back focused on this lil ole blog o mine!

Lots of images, tips, tricks, videos, and stories to tell I promise:)

Till then, here is a little gift for ya.

Gino Vanelli…..he still has it after all these years!

Funny how I never appreciated the art of his voice while my dad played his albums over and over in the 70’s when I was just a little tyke. I guess it took a few years of jazz appreciation to ….. well……appreciate his art! He really is a true artist that has stood the test of time. Having seen him live in Europe and most recently locally here at the Kravis Center, I couldn’t help but wish I was able to share the experience with my dad actually. Funny how music has a way of triggering a few fond memories.

Miss ya Dad! I am sure you would like this (and hope you do too!)


More from Gino here on Facebook, his Twitter feed here, or his YouTube Channel here!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. – Thomas Merton

Not that I can (or have ever tried) to take paint to canvas, but if I could (or would), I would love to be able to create something like this. Lucky for me, until then, I have my Topaz Impression plugin!

Boats on the edge of Annecy

More on that in a future video, but until then, here is another little quick tip about some of my favorite features of camera raw! …….not exactly related to the image above, but it was next in line:)

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

I could have sat in that meadow for hours. Not sure why I didn’t actually. I was really in no hurry as I bumbled up the state on my way to Denver. Telluride…sounded like a nice place to stop and soak in the Colorado air for the night. As with so many of my quick trips, a small taste of the area and right back on the bucket list for hopefully another trip back someday.

So many places to see……and see again:)

Lost in the meadow


So while I have been recently enjoying a creative journey with a new photography project (I blogged a bit about it here), I have had my peripheral vision scanning for inspiration. Food photography is actually quite simple and not to be over complicated. I of course need to remind myself that the next time I have out 3 Einstein flash heads with an array of soft boxes, reflector cards, a roll of diffusion film, and a lit backdrop, and assorted other paraphanalia.

I jest of course (not really), but like anything, there are a million ways to skin the cat…(thats a bizarre saying isn’t it?!) Not sure where I heard that one, but I wish I never did now that I think of it!


Meet the Artist – David Loftus

(from his website)

Award-winning, influential and internationally acclaimed, David Loftus’ photographs for the books of Jamie Oliver, Rachel Khoo, Gennaro Contaldo, Elizabeth David and April Bloomfield have brought food to life for millions of people. For over 20 years, David has photographed over 100 books including all but one of Jamie Oliver’s international best-sellers. He has also directed television commercials including one of the most successful food ads of all time, for UK supermarket Sainsbury’s.

(click on the image to read more!)


So after spending a few moments admiring his food photography, I was a fan (and hungry!) I mean, I like this guys approach….

One light (albeit a big one….diffused sunlight!) and simple tools to harness that light. His work is simply amazing! I still can’t believe the story he is able to tell in his images with one light! As I trip over the wires throughout my temporary studio setup here in my apartment, I think I might need to rethink my own strategy LOL!

So I was first introduced to his work thru Jamie Oliver on Instagram and soon after that, took a deeper dive into this artists work. In fact, I might just order his book over on Amazon. Looks quite delicious:)

I’ll embed a couple of cool videos of his below, but make sure and visit more of his work with the links below. As you will see from his gallery on his main site, he also creates some beautiful travel and portrait work as well.

Hope this inspires you as much as it does for me:)




His work is all over the place, but to start with, make sure and stop by his beautiful site right here. He is quite an active Instagrammer if you want to follow him over here, and he shares a few tips and tricks at his youtube channel over here. An of course, you can grab his book over here!

Thanks for sharing your art with us David:)


Hi friends!

Just a quick share and tip for ya today.

So, I have personally been working and creating a little out of the box as of recent. The blog has not been updated as much as I normally like to as I have been using every waking our available outside of my normal work and duties to finish a project. I am getting close to the finish, and I am sure I will share more about it soon, but here is a quick peak at it!

Juicing collageIts a screen grab of a Lightroom mobile collection that I can view across all of my apple devices and easily share with my client as well! More on that in another post though:)

I chat about the project a bit more in this “Quick Tip” video I posted today.

Let me know what you think!

Any tips for how YOU energize your creativity?

Share in the comments below!

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