“Once a year go somewhere you have never been before.” – Dalai Lama

So I am looking forward to exploring a little more of the country and its National Parks over the next couple of weeks. I am lighting an event in Arizona so I decided to tack on a couple of days on each side of it to wander a bit. I’ve got some really loose plans on this quick trip, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I’m sure I’ll share a little as I go right here of course:)

Here is one from my last trip out west. Arches National Park I think it is.

Morning at the Arches


“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

Another dig into the archives for this one. I actually sat watching over the Matterhorn for a couple of hours on this little hike just a few steps (or what seemed like MILES at that altitude) and never saw the clouds clear off of that peak. In fact, I remember shooting a time-lapse that I shared a while ago to prove it. Check it out below the image. Its a little grainy and low rez as I was just starting to dabble in the art of time-lapse.

By the way, hiking DOWN from the train station….now that a cool way to hike!

(next time I need to pack a little water though….or at least SOME water….lol)


I added a quick audio clip via the YouTube editor but can’t figure out how to (or if you even can) fade it out. Oh well, its still better with the music.


Watch it here too!


And if you are still here, I found these Cool travel quotes! for you as well. Love it!

So where would you go if there were no limitations?

Fall…right around the corner!

Are you making plans yet?

I tend to always wait till the last minute. Seems to be my standard modus operandi:)

fall color

I created a post a while ago right here for any of you making your plans now. (I need to start making more of those types of informative posts again!) Most of the sites linked to in the post are for the New England area, but there are a few others that will help no matter where you are heading to catch fall color.

I’m thinking about the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee this year.

Have you been there?

Any tips or secret locations?

Here are a few of my favs from one of my trips to New England:)


Knowing that I will soon be out in the desert and capturing a few more “night sky” and “astrophotograpy” images soon (not sure why I used the quotes by the way), I decided to share a partial failure with you. Seems like the brain was not is full gear as I set up for what I thought was going to be a “tack sharp” (there he goes again!) image with minimal star blur.

Must have been the general spookiness of the night or perhaps the sounds the I thought I kept hearing off in the distance near the arches that had my mind off track. Seems my camera focus and settings really could have used a tweak here. Like I said, I’m heading back soon so lets see if I learned anything:)

Actually, it’s not too bad now that I look at it:)

A starry night at Arches

And by the way, now that I am back in the safety of my candle lit studio and am exploring this image a bit more, it seems like there WAS someone off in the distance. I thought I heard something! Can you find them?

I guess I could have used content aware fill to remove them right?


Here is a quick video about how to do just that:)

Quick Tip Tuesday – Removing unwanted people from your photo with content aware

Or watch the video here!


“Very many people go through their whole lives having no real sense of what their talents may be, or if they have any to speak of.”
― Ken Robinson

Figured I would dig into my archive of images from my last trip to Las Vegas for tonights post as my thoughts are with the folks at Kelby Media Group. I am sure by now, setup is well underway for Photoshop World. The biannual conference is about to kick off out there this week and it looks like some of my favorite artists and teachers will be there again to share their tips and tricks. For those in the creative world we live in, it is in essence, the Super Bowl of digital imaging and photographic education. As my schedule didn’t allow me to attend this year, it does seem like I was there just last year.

Wait a minute, it WAS last year:)

During a break from some of the intense training one late afternoon, I captured this one along the strip. Although for the most part, I can be found bracketing for my HDR images, I did take a few snaps out there. This one is one of them. A few adjustments in Lightroom and whalla!

Paris in Vegas

So if you can’t make it to Vegas (like me this year), nothing beats staying up to speed with the online classes with Kelby One. You can sign up by the month or by the year (for a better rate!) Worth every penny!

Check them out below:)

Learn Photography Online with the Pros Save $10 Now #KTCJQ12


Warning……geeky stuff to follow!

Now for something COMPLETELY different…….

So incidentally, I STILL seem to be having a bit of a challenge with my RSS feed and how it comes out in feed burner. For example, I posted a video and several links from my post last night on Adam the concert photographer. If you viewed the post here on the blog, I am sure you saw it. If you saw it from the feed, there is a good chance that you did not even see anything past the YouTube embed.

The post just seemed to abrubtly end!

Weird huh?

So lets try this again!

First off, here is a link (not an embed) to the video I shared last night. As this is not an embed, I am sure that the following will still be seen (I hope!)

And then, here is the “other places to find him” section as I always do…..

For more from Adam and his gift, follow his posts and art on his website here, follow him on Twitter here, watch his updates on Facebook here, enjoy his Instagram posts here, read his tumbler posts here, or see more of his Youtube clips here!

So here is where the fun part starts….

Instead of doing a regular embed, I am testing out using a “short code” way of embedding the video into the post. With any luck, the video below will actually show up in the RSS feed as well. Just in case, here is the link to it as its a pretty good video from the dude who I quoted at the beginning of this post (man, that seems like YEARS ago doesn’t it?)

Lets see how this works now:)

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