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During one of my little “journeys” into the late of the night in Singapore, I decided to camp out around the water side for a bit. I’ve always been kinda mesmerized a bit by the night time reflections…. But to be totally honest with ya, I’m really not paying attention to what I am typing […]

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Night sky at Raffies in Singapore, originally uploaded by Photomike07 / Alrighty now… Here’s another taste from the Singaporean buffet of images I have. Ok, that sounded kinda stupid…..but I continue…. I waited a bit outside of this rather cool hotel in Singapore called Raffes, or was it Raffies, or Raffles, definitely not waffles…..Aaannnnyway… […]

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Freedom Flyer in Singapore, originally uploaded by Photomike07 / Well, I’ll be the first one to admit that this ones a wee bit of a disaster. Having never really cleaned it up or liked what I had so far, its been staring at me as the first image in my “ready to post” folder […]

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