“Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day.”  – Glen Cook

I love a good quote (gee Mike, we couldn’t tell!)

Continuing with my “drone image” series, I’ll just leave these here then 🙂

I’m still at the “I can’t believe that little thing can fly up there and snap such an amazing image” phase, so bare with me!

As always, more 2 come 🙂

A Lone Boat
Phillips Point

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”  – Jo Walton

Every day … a chance to begin anew, with a fresh slate. An empty canvas awaits those adventurous enough to create a brand new work of art, each and every day.

Towards Palm Beach
A New Perspective

Been LOVING the new and fresh perspective that this little drone has given me. A new (for me at least) tool, or shall I say “brush” to help me paint the daily canvas. Lots to see with this new lens and eye of the bird.

More to come 🙂


So, I am about to head off on a road trip with the family. A life changing time for all of us. I have mentioned it here before, but 18 years REALLY flies by! The college load in should be a memorable one and one I hope to capture a few clips during to help create a story for the YouTube channel later. Not sure what the story will be, but sometimes thats the beauty of life. Capture it as it unfolds … and it is about to unfold like REALLY fast!

Reflections in Zurich

After the load in and the good byes till the holidays are finished, we intend to take the long way home. A trip along a coast of the country to explore a few places that neither of us have ever seen before. A few more stories to capture I hope, and also a time for the realization of what just unfolded in front of us to really sink in.

Sunrise over Zurich

I realize that these images have NOTHING at all to do with the verbal rambles taking place, but I hope thats OK. I just finished recording a few clips that I will edit for a future Wednesday video about some of the many things I could actually see myself doing in this new and next phase of my life. I think its going to be a good video, but time will tell. And just a hint, travel vlogging just MIGHT be one of those things. A long shot, but a fun dream to think about 🙂 …

These images are from a recent trip I took to Europe and to a conference called Traverse Events. A sort of “life long learning” experience for me and a glimpse into an industry that interests me. More on that in the future, I am quite sure.

At the Base of the Alps / Innsbruck

I VLOG a bit more about that trip here in this video below as well as many more. Still working on the series, but here is a link to what is in the playlist so far. A lot of room for growth and improvement, but MAN, am I having fun with it 🙂

Day 2 from a series of travel vlogs done from a trip this summer!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert

Presently editing another series of videos from this area of the world. More to come soon and of course I will share, but in case I miss the share here, make sure and head over to the ole’ YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE as to not miss a post!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, my intention was to post here every day in August, and as I had a pretty good track record going, but I guess I slipped last night! A lot going on (more on that in a future post).

About to head off for a college load in for my not so little one. Been grappling with where all the time has gone! Again, more on that in future posts I am sure …

Not sure how often I will post as the rest of the moth unfolds with travel and all. At the very least, I will drip post some of those drone images I promised you the other day. Still amazed at how well they are coming out!

More to come soon as always 🙂

Oh, and here is one of the latest from the travel series I am working on. The one I am releasing on Sunday is REALLY good (at least I think so), so again, make sure and subscribe, … and share 🙂

Walking: the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise.” – Carrie Latet

A little bit of a weird rant yesterday (but true if you think about it…..). Again, we are ALL entertainers (and artists, and creators, and whatever else you want to call yourself). Nice to live in a free country. Lets keep it that way too 🙂

Anyway ….. as a quick follow up to the location I shared, I had a few more images in the queue from the same area so I thought I would share them here today. Taken from ground level on a walk or two from months past. A great place, again, only a few blocks away, to watch the morning and evening light unfold. As far as the view from the air, I’ll share a few more tomorrow from that perspective, so make sure and check back then 🙂

Looking Back to the City
The Pointe
A Quarter for a View
Morning at the Boardwalk
Morning Light
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