Denver show wrapup – The Ballroom Scene in HDR (and a ramble of sorts)

Simple as this event was, I really like how these images came out. From a behind the scenes peek thought, it certainly wasn’t just a click of the shutter. Referring of course to the image, the scene here was filled with lighting color temperatures all over the spectrum. Each shot took 3 different HDR images that were processed in photomatix with 3 completely different tones to capture the color and detail of the set, the ceiling, and the room. These were then taken into photoshop as layers allowing each to contribute to the best overall tone.

Good grief, what are you talking about Mike!!! Do you have any idea at all what you are rambling about?!

Yeah, I know..I get a bit confused here on the old blog sometimes. As this is at times, a photography and image site first, its really hard for me to drone on about the technical details. I find them a bit boring actually. Sometime I have no idea what I am doing actually. I find myself working with the various controls in the digital darkroom without a deep understanding (or care) about what they are really doing. Kinda like getting lost in the art….similar to the process of my daily post as you might agree. For those of you that stop by on a regular basis, it must actually be painful to watch me stumble over my words….kinda like watching a really bad theatrical performance as the actors are tanking the scene. My gosh, where in the world am I going with this!

It’s actually kinda funny that I try to write something every night. For years in school, I couldn’t stand writing. It certainly is an art that I appreciate though (writing that is). The perfection of an art should never be the goal though, the journey taken however should be…enjoyed that is. I guess thats why I seem to end up here every night!

Anyway, I must say that it was great fun getting together with a great group of guys on this event. I have been working with Rick on this annual event for about 18 years (give or take) and its always like getting together at summer camp. Its always hard to say goodbye, but nice to look forward the next one.

Here’s a few from the event……enjoy! (and thanks for stopping by, really…..)

Oh yeah, one more thing….

Here is a quick link to another blogging friend of mine, Steve Larose. He was also on the event I just finished and has his own unique perspective of our life in the world of events. Check it out…. Life in the Corporate Theater

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