Night lights in Denver – and introducing the new

Night shots….kind of a crap shoot. On a quick whim, I opened up the tripod and plopped it down on the corner of 16th and California in Denver (actually, I just made that up…..close enough though), and waited for the exposures to click thru. Frank, a freakin hilarious friend that I had the good fortune to work with last week, asked me “now what are ya shooting….what do you see?”. Hmm, not sure really. Just felt the scene. The color, the motion, the light, the vibrant energy of a city corner.

Just wanted to mention something else tonight as well. As you may know by now, if you’ve decided to pull up a chair here before, I operate a special event lighting company in the real world. I blog now and then here about our travels and cool events that our clients entrust us to light. This week is but another one of those opportunities for us.

There is never the perfect time it seems as the work is never quite done, but I have a new site and a new blog happening over at our site at Hylite. The home page pics need to be resized and cropped as to prevent the silly squeezing going on as well as a few more fixes, but its a pretty good start. Check out the link for a behind the scenes look at our event this week. Should be kinda fun…..

I hope to keep this site, going forward, as more of a focused blog on photography, travel, and HDR processing while keeping the posts from our lighting events on the Hylite site. Sure, there will still be a bit of cross pollination, so we’ll see how it goes!

One more quick link. Another friend of mine blogged a bit from the Denver show I was just on. Here is a link ( Life in the Corporate Theater ) to his most recent post of a few of us “getting silly” at the loading dock at the end of the event. Always kinda fun to read someone else’s account of the event 🙂

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