Color, light, and texture (and a quick run to the ice machine) – Night time at the Marriott World Center, Orlando

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Having traveled pretty extensively throughout this country and abroad lighting events of all sizes, I must say that I have stayed in some pretty cool places. That can be a double edge sword sword though. As a kid traveling around on vacation here and there, I can remember the thrill we had (us little ones) of running down the hall to fetch a pail of ice. Such a silly little morsel of happiness. Didn’t matter at all what kind of place we were staying, it was just all part of a new adventure. Well, after a few hundred stays at 5 star resorts, I realize that some of that vibrant energy and excitement gets a bit lost. As far as the ice, just let the bellmen fill it up as after he wheels the bags up to the room. He doesn’t mind, he’s waiting for a 5 spot anyway.

I digress though….

That happens a lot in life though doesn’t it? You know, the excitement wearing off of what was once a fresh new vibrant and exciting experience. Why does that happen? I guess its normal to get a bit jaded. Been there, done that……K, seen this, seen that,……whats next. New horizons, unique challenges, exciting opportunities, ……. always searching for a new adventure now I guess…..

All right, getting WAY WAY off track now…… what was I talking about?

Back to the image. Since taking up photography again a couple of years ago, its been a refreshing change to wander into some of these hotels and resorts as I continue to travel and see them with a fresh eye. I constantly scan the architecture looking for high contrast scenes, color, and texture that might be great candidates for HDR photography. I’ve always appreciated a great view from the room (and this one was no exception), but I now see it with a new pair of eyes. Although I was here at this hotel recently for a seminar that had nothing at all to do with lighting or photography, it was nice to allow my right brain (thats the creative side, right?) to wander around on its own agenda, scanning the scenes for HDR or high dynamic range scenes. Although the thrill of the ice machine might be gone, the thrill of capturing the image is alive and well, and for that, I am very lucky!

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