Hoooos there?!

Cute little guy, isn’t he? I must admit, I was on a mission to capture this little critter. Now, a wildlife photographer I am not, but I was up to the challange. A friend of mine (alright, my ex wife, but that sounds so negative) called me up to tell me she had this pair of owls that seemed to appear like clockwork every evening at about 7PM and was wondering if I could come over and capture them. Hmmm, no biggy right? Sure its pitch dark at about 7PM, but I can just crank the ISO up on the D3 and get it, right? Not really. Not really at all actually. Enter day 2. I head over with the SB900 flash. Zoom that puppy out to 200 and instant daylight. Ready…set….fire…..Hmmm, no memory card…..damn! Enter day 3….(startin’ to look a bit stupid at this point, but fired up)….. And…gotcha! Gittery little fella though. Clicked a couple and off he flew 🙂

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