4th on Flagler – Fireworks 2010 – Vibrant green

I left the apartment not even knowing if I was going to snap a frame at all. Those of you insanely dedicated photogs know that sometimes its not that easy to “get in the zone” when with those who don’t travel with the excessive gear package. Sure, we are all photographers with our phones, point and shoots, and the like, but you know, some of us are just a bit too involved with the process if you know what I mean. So, knowing I was with my daughter, it was raining, and I didn’t really know where I thought I should set up shop, I wasn’t giving too much effort into the idea of capturing anything this evening. Sometimes its more about who you are with than what you are doing ya know?

As luck would have it though, I ran into a friend Aaron who also has a couple of girls himself. We decided to head down to a convenient building down on the end of Flagler and take advantage of the overhang. Well, so did a few others, but that was cool. With the little ones content to hang out with each other, I was able to setup the excessive gear and get to work. These shots, however, found this nut job inconveniently just outside of the dry viewing area. Keeping the lense clear of liquid was a constant challenge, but persisnance prevailed!

Here’s a couple more that I liked a bit.

4th on Flagler - Fireworks 2010 - Deep reds

4th on Flagler - Fireworks 2010 - Cool blues

Quickly after arriving back at the apartment and looking out at the excessive traffic leaving the waterfront, I once again reminded myself of how great it is to live so close to these events! Happy 4th everyone!

4th on Flagler - Fireworks 2010 - away from the traffic!

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