Painting with light…and capturing it along the way.

“Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress, don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.” – unknown

As promised, I continue to dabble a bit in the world of the recorded message. I talk a bit in this recording about these images I captured from an event I lit with my team of light painters “as I like to call us” with Hy-lite this weekend. The first and 3rd ones are essentially right out of the camera while the 2nd and 4th are 5 image brackets that I used the under exposed, the average exposed, and the over exposed to create an HDR image that was processed with Photomatix and refined in Photoshop. (man that was a long sentence!) I must admit, the D800 files are HUGE and are really causing my 4 year old laptop to churn its little heart out when crunching these images into HDR files. It’s been a while since I grabbed the Nikon D800 and captured one of these incredible spaces and creations that I am so lucky to assist in creating. I must admit, it was like playing on the playground again!

More to come soon!

As I mentioned in the audio, I am experimenting with a before and after plugin that I plan to chat about and review on the next clip, so if all goes well, I’ll let you know how it goes! Stay tuned 😉

For a little more to the story, play the clip below and of course, check out the show notes below!


And hear, of course, is a look at what I was talking about in the audio clip about the app called “Pic Frame”. Still amazes me what you can creat with a phone!

Show Notes

Lucie Debelkova

Audio Technica ATR2100-USB and XLR mic

Seth Godin’s “The Icarus Deception”

Nikon D800

Michael (me) on Instagram

Michelle Rago

Links to a show we illuminated for Michelle

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