Images from a Gala and a Quick Tip Tuesday

“The only constant in life is change.” – Said someone famous at one point

Just a quick post to set up my “Quick Tip Tuesday” video (in typical Wednesday delivery fashion)…

I just took a few minutes to update my “Pro Photo” wordpress theme here and haven’t taken the time yet to dive into all the updates, tweaks, and new features, but am testing out a new gallery option here and looking for some feedback.

Does it load quickly on your browser? Are the images clear? Does this read well on mobile devises?

Consider this a test I guess. I’m also looking forward to how (if at all) it reads on feed burner and equivalent readers. I know that a few of you read this blog via this content delivery option. With past galleries, it has simply sent the post out with all of the images tossed into the email kind of haphazardly. If thats the case, click here to come back to the blog to view as the gallery.

These images are from an event we recently lit. As there are color temperatures that are all over the map, I had to do a little work in Lightroom. These are also single raw files that were worked on and not HDR stacks. I am finding Lightroom 5’s improvements with the raw file latitude to be quite amazing lately!

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of different color temperatures going on here. I walk you through a technique I decided to use below to get a more accurate feel for what the lighting looked like to my eyes while at the event. It involves using Lightroom 5’s new Radial Filter to “paint with light”.

Or click here to watch the video

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