A bit west of town and a bit of an apology

Taken a wee bit back during a late afternoon of wandering about out west on a “chasing the light” session. (Good grief, what a horrible opening sentence to a blog. Hope it gets better!)

I feel like I have let down the viewers of my images here lately. While I have a million or so on the hard drive to work on, with many other opportunities to create around me, I haven’t been allowing myself that time. Sure its busy this time of year here in South Florida, but I somehow was able to focus a bit on the art of it all last year about this time. I must say, however, that I have also been spending a bit of time developing a few new strategies in a totally unrelated field, so that might have a bit to do with it. Only so many hours in the day!

As I progress a bit in my life and head towards the big five o’ (hey, lets not rush the next 5 years now), I seem to be pretty clear with a few goals. More than ever, I plan to become a bit more active in my real estate investments. I have been spending most of my time outside of Hy-Lite educating myself in all aspects of acquisition, planning my next moves, and fine tuning my strategies for the next few years. I don’t want to head too deep into this just yet (in my blogsposts), but I am pretty excited about the whole process. I will say that a little further down my goal statement, say a couple of years or so, I am pretty passionate about rehabbing smaller apartment units “Green.” I feel there is a tremendous opportunity there and in its infant stages. My other and more immediate goals are all part of a strategic plan to get me there.

So, why all this Mike? Do you think we even care?

Well, good point and well taken. Guess its just a quick excuse for my lack of energy here in my little art world getaway. I guess the real trick is to find that balance as to not overdo it in any one area. Yeah, balance…..always had a bit of a problem with that, but thats another story altogether!

More on all of this later…..

PS…..was that a cool halftime show or what! Lights were awesome and well programmed. Hats off to the artists on that one. You should be proud of yourselves 🙂

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