A colorful end to a colorful day

Seems like I’m on a constant quest for light. Whether its from an instrument I use to paint with light in a room for an event, an image I capture in my travels that I refine and fine tune in the digital darkroom, or a philosophy that I embrace from my library of self growth books and CD’s, it seems to be a constant theme here.

I’ve kinda struggled a bit lately with the real direction of this little blog of mine. It started out as just a little dumping ground for images and thoughts I felt like throwing out there from my travels and work projects, and well, that’s what it still is. I guess there’s nothing really wrong with that. I do have a vision of a few little tutorials I might create in the not too distant future as well as a little bit of a peak into that self growth library of mine. Seems like so many people I deal with are at a point in their lives……be it from life changes, divorces, setbacks, career changes, financial challenges….where they are stepping back and looking into what its all about. You know….your true purpose, life vision, deepest wishes, spiritual direction, real calling….you know, little things like that (lol!) I guess I notice that a bit more, cause well, I’m there too.

They say, when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. Perhaps I have had my head in the sand for the past 15 years or so. Totally focused on work while I let part of the real me suffer. Do I have all the answers yet? Well, of course not…..does anyone? Having said that, I hope to share a few thoughts and recommendations over the next few weeks or so from my journey so far.

So I guess its pretty clear now….light, light, and more light…..hope u like 🙂 (and of course a few random rambles about nothing at all!)

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