A few from the weekend – part 1

Well, the last time I posted a car image from here it was a Mazauratti. For this event, it was a Mini Cooper….and yes…..it did get auctioned this time! Sign of the times I guess. 

In a few minutes, this place is gonna be hoppin

The theme of the evening was a Carnival in Rio…..quite a colorful night and perfect for HDR processing!
Table detail
Each table’s centerpiece had a unique mask and treatment. Colors from LED lighting created a contrasting background to the colorful decor.
Table detail out at cocktails
Cocktails out by the pool on a beautiful Florida evening in January.
The crazed photographer
As always, the crazed photographer takes full advantage of the quite time before doors to capture the feel of the evening…..and of course, clown around a bit.
Look for a few more images tomorrow from this event!
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