A few from the weekend – part 2

As promised, here are a couple more from the weekend. Although there seems to be a trend to cut back a bit this season on just about every event, a Carnival in Rio theme demands a bit of over the top color.

As they walk in
As the guests arrived from Cocktails, the room was alive with vibrant “Carnival” colors.

Table details

Dancefloor texture

More table detail

For me, there is great pride in seeing an event come together. The more I work on these events, the more I realize what a great wealth of details and subjects there are to capture. I remember a couple of seasons ago, around mid April it dawned on me that I was just working too hard and was a little burnt out to even take the camera to the gigs. I can honestly say that this blog has driven me to try to save as many events as I can in their eternal light. (All right, that REALLY sounded stupid!)
You get the picture…….
Enjoy 🙂
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