A few more from the waterfront … Downtown West Palm Beach

Walking: the most ancient exercise and still the best modern exercise.” – Carrie Latet

A little bit of a weird rant yesterday (but true if you think about it…..). Again, we are ALL entertainers (and artists, and creators, and whatever else you want to call yourself). Nice to live in a free country. Lets keep it that way too 🙂

Anyway ….. as a quick follow up to the location I shared, I had a few more images in the queue from the same area so I thought I would share them here today. Taken from ground level on a walk or two from months past. A great place, again, only a few blocks away, to watch the morning and evening light unfold. As far as the view from the air, I’ll share a few more tomorrow from that perspective, so make sure and check back then 🙂

Looking Back to the City
The Pointe
A Quarter for a View
Morning at the Boardwalk
Morning Light
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