A few more thoughts from Seth and a Tip for straightening architectural lines

“We have been brainwashed by school, indoctrinated by industrial propaganda, and mesmerized by the popular media into believing that compliance is not only safe but right and necessary.” – Seth Godin

Again, like I posted last night……I highly recommend ANYTHING that this man has written. I’ll post a few of may favorite quotes of his here on the blog soon on a new tab I want to create with other amazing quotes I have gathered over the past few years. There is a wealth of brilliance written and shared out there just waiting to be consumed. Meanwhile, the bobble heads still spew out venom, nonsense, and mind numbing verbal diareaha….. repetitively… on the 24 hour news channels. The choice for what to consume is of course yours……

So, lets COMPLETELY switch channels now….

The Daily Image – Summer Sky’s in South Florida

A few quick images here to share from the balcony. I don’t normally tweak my HDR images to this extreme (at least not any more!), but I couldn’t resist this one. The South Florida sky was turning some pretty bizzare shades of gray and black that afternoon. Of course, its easy to go overboard on the processing!

Means skys in the south

So while we are on the balcony, lets take a look at a couple of other images. The one below was shot with the ultra wide 14-24mm which of course distorts the edges and forces a converging perspective on the buildings. That doesn’t really bother me, but I wanted to see what I could do with Lightroom’s new correction tools that are in version 5.

Summer skys in South Florida

Now in the develop module within the lens correction tab is where you are going to find these cool tools. The automatic correction works most of the time, but this convergence was a little bit too extreme, so I tried the “Full” option. Well, it straightened it up but as you can see below, without including a little bit more headroom around the image, you are kind of forced to crop in an extreme case like this….or just deal with the big white triangle chunks of nothingness at the bottom corners. Art perhaps, but lets more on shall we?

Summer skys in South Florida-2


So finally, I decided to attempt to select these huge area of nothing, one section at a time, and go to edit-fill-content aware and was AMAZED at how well it filled on the areas with relatively close content!. It wasn’t perfect, but it was at least 70 percent. At a quick glance, it could have worked in a pinch. I then copped it a little bit and used the patch tool for a little bit of cleanup.

Summer skys in South FL - cropped

I guess I could have just done a quick video about this not that I think of it! Maybe next time 🙂


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