A final look into the harbor

During our final “goodbye lunch” from the marina side cafe called Snappas (I think that was the name actually), I found myself a bit distracted from the conversation at the table. Not that I wasn’t fully engaged as we were all in various stages of brainstorming about a million things (I love that by the way), but a scene that was being created just over my shoulder had me leaping from the table mid sentence to capture the foundation of this image I had in my head. I find myself doing that alot more often now (not leaving the table mid sentence like a hound chasing a squirel mind you), but previsualizing the scene and what I intend to create with the shot later.

Visualization and the law of attraction….powerful stuff. I find myself kinda deep in alot of that lately. Ask and it is given ya know. There’s a million ways to phrase it, but getting a clear and focused vision of where you want to steer your life, visualizing it, and acting on it. Seems simple really, but it works!

I found myself doing this exact process this evening…with my nine year old. She has had this vision of multiple income streams for a while now. An art teacher that owns a highend cupcake bakery. Very creative for a nine year old I think. So I told her about a little place that just opened up in CItyplace the other day….a highend cupcake shop! She couldn’t drag me there fast enough. It was a precious site watching her walk thru and take deep mental notes. After buying a couple of the “competitions” little morsels of goodness and a couple of business cards, she couldn’t wait to get home to brainstorm with me and journal all of our thoughts on design, color, business plans, ingredients….heck, she even drafted out a floor-plan of the new place. Talk about visualizing.

Not sure where I am going with this actually, just felt like a bit of a ramble here.

I guess if I had any morsel of parting wisdom, it would have to be…..don’t forget to dream! Stop and give yourself those precious moments in the madness of the day to be whatever you want to be. Its free to wander in this other world and you never know where it might actually take you. And in case that finds you running a cupcake shop, I’ll have a double fudge please.

And, if you ever read this my little sunshine girl….thanks for those special moments you have given me to slow down and see this wonderful world thru your little eyes. I love you 🙂

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