A fisheye view in Singapore – The courtyard in Raffles

Wow, I think I finally have it! I spent what could be calculated by any sane and rational man as an eternity over the past few days searching for a new blog theme and layout for my new site and think I finally have it covered. Not sure when I will switch over for sure, but I’ll let ya know. Seriously though…..I uploaded wordpress onto the server at least 3 times, had it freeze up, screwed up the permissions settings, had import challanges, couldn’t see the images while experimenting with one of the cool themes I liked, you name it. There was one session is which I don’t think that I left the chair from about 8PM till 4AM! Not sure if that can be labled as tenacity, dedication, or insanity!

All that being said, the real reason for my Dallas visit was not one of a creative visit, but more about additional education in my real estate investment ventures. My vision of the trip before I had left was to balance out the long and couped up days with evenings of exploration of the Dallas night scene and capture it thru the lense. Well, not so much LOL!

Anyway, I am pretty excited about the new possibilities for the blog now with a totally new look, format, and direction…..so stay tuned!

As far as this image, it was taken during one of those trips in which I DID allow myself to wander about a new a foreign city. Singapore, as is South Florida, is humid…..very humid. This shot was setup and exposed in a pretty cool hotel called Raffles right in the heart of the city. I don’t like to overuse the “fisheye” effect, but this spot seemed like the perfect place to play with it!

One more thing….

I came across this video that another blog posted while catching up on my email this evening. Its a bit long, but cool if you are a fan of Tim Ferriss’s book called the Four Hour Workweek. I had never seen him speak and was a bit surprised at how good he presented his message live too. Check it out!

Tim Ferriss keynote The Next Web Conference 2010 – Love the Haters from Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten on Vimeo.

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