A forgotten castle in Ireland and meet the Artist – Aaron Nacer

“Some people want to make the world a better place. I just want to make the world a better-looking place.” – Banksy

I hadn’t really planned on creating the look I did on the image below when I first pulled off to the side of the road in Ireland to capture this castle, but I kinda like it. Why this place wasn’t a little museum or site of some sort is beyond me. Fenced up and hard to get to, it was another one of those forgotten finds. Kinda reminds me of a picture you might see on a puzzle box. Maybe?

The oil paint filter by the way (which I played a bit with on this image) is a fun little tool to play with, especially for someone who has yet to take “brush to canvas”, unless you count that horrendous horse I tried to paint in seventh grade! Try using it when you get a chance. Its under the filter menu (a good place for it!) in Photoshop as of CS6 I believe.

Of course, getting back to the journey, just “pulling off to the side of the road” was in and of itself a process as everyone seemed to be in such a hurry to get somewhere. Isn’t that always the case though! Lets not mention that whole left side of the road thing either. Lets just say that that rental car company was lucky to get ANYTHING back!

So after a quick u turn, a hop over a fence that I am sure had a sign that forbid me to do so, and a little exploration around the site, I captured a few frames of this little gem. I am sure its walls had a deeper story to tell, but I guess I’ll never know what those are.

Somewhere in Ireland

But now for something completely different, its Sunday again, so its time for…….

Meet the Artist – Aaron Nacer!

So shortly after I charged up my creative batteries to explore the world of digital photography, I started sharing my work online. The Flickr community was a place I hung out a little bit as I was exploring my craft and searching for inspiration. Aaron Nacer was one of those creatives that seemed to keep popping up on the radar there. His unique creations, humorous self portraits, and hard to describe works of art were part of collection that consistently blew me away!

Aaron Nacer

As I could never imagine having HALF the creative imagination he has, I was pretty excited when he began his venture a few years ago in the online arts education world with a company he created called Phlearn. His first few videos were co hosted by the talented Avery Carlton (another amazing Flickr artist at the time). After a few years now, its been fun watching Aaron fine tune his brand and website with some amazing art, detailed tutorials, tips and tricks, as well as sharing talented photographers from all over the world.

A passionate professional he continues to be more than ever!

I highly recommend following Aaron and his team as you travel down the path of your artistic journey!

Check out on of his MANY MANY videos below.

Pretty cool studio, don’t ya think?!

Or you can watch the video here!

Here are a few other places to find the art of Aaron as well as his Phlearn Family!

His Website

His Flickr Channel

His Instagram 

His Twitter

The PHlearn Website

The PHlearn Youtube Channel


I hope you like these views into artists as much as I like putting them together!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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