A Happy St. “Paddy’s” Day peak at Ireland and then meet the artist Brooke Shaden

“Creativity is as important in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Seems only appropriate to share a few images I captured from Ireland on this glorious St. Patricks Day. Green Tea in hand as I type this, my thoughts take me back to my trek into this beautiful country I took a couple of years ago. As my blood is only a few points on the Irish scale, it wasn’t really my search for the homeland that attracted me to this friendly Isle,  but the beauty that I had only seen in the travel mags and coffee table books I study from time to time.

As with all of my quick trips, I only scratched the surface, but I am sure I will make it back someday!

(If they are crazy enough to rent me another car that it!)

A river flows in Ireland

Welcome to the hotel - Somewhere in Ireland

A vibrant afternoon in Ireland

So I just got back from a quick little trip with my daughter over to the west coast of the state in search of a few birds. Seems she has really taken a liking to the photographic arts over the past few years. Her work is actually starting to amaze me. Kinda funny when the scale tips a bit and you can pick up a few tips and techniques from the youth. Anyway, I thought it might be a good time to expose her to another sort of photography (bird and wildlife) and challenge her (as well as myself to be totally honest with you!)

More on that soon in another blog 🙂

Well, I started thinking a bit about her artistic journey on the drive home and stepped back a bit to realized something. Its not just the tools and specific techniques that fuel the artist in their growth, but more importantly….a display of passion, or the influence of others who share that passion to create. Now I can’t take all of the credit as she is surrounded with a peer group of extremely talented friends and mentored by some brilliant and passionate teachers at the school she goes to, but I have to believe that a little of my passion for this art may have rubbed off……and that’s kinda cool….

Again, there are plenty of places to get exact tips and strategies for HOW to create something, but magic happens when the teacher gets the student to realize their WHY and believe in themselves to experiment, make mistakes, and create their art. Although I don’t think I am quite as good as I want to be at this process, its something I strive for (especially as a parent). With that being said, I really look up to people like Brooke Shaden.

Meet the Artist – Brooke Shaden

I have been noticing her work online recently, but it wasn’t until I heard her keynote at Photoshop World this year that I realized what a true gift she REALLY had. Not only is she an amazing artist with a unique eye, technique, and perspective, her style of teaching to EMPOWER the artist to play, create, and live their art is a gift she gives on a regular basis.

Here is this weeks video she posted doing just that!

Or watch the video here!

Her channel on YouTube is definitely worth subscribing to for a weekly artistic inspiration!

You have to check out more of Brooke Shadens work here too!

Her Website

Her Promoting Passion Blog

Her Facebook

Her Twitter

Her Instagram




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