A hike in the mountains to clear the mind (and remind you of how outta shape you are!)

Ah yes, my evening post. That special time of day that I rip myself away from work, reality, or whatever other predictable routine I happen to be taking part in. Actually, it seems like my life is anything but routine….and I kinda like it that way. On the edge of organized chaos……I like it there, I feel safe there…

Anyway, what’s with those little rock piles by the way? I seem to see them all the time while hiking in the Swiss Alps. Are they meant to signify something or perhaps symbolically represent an event? I did a little searching on line and found nadda….

I must say that I found the best way to explore this area of the Swiss Alps near Zermatt and the Mattorhorn. Pack a few snacks, some water, your camera, the ipod and take a private cogwheel train or cable car up as high as you can get. Then its an easy hike all the way down baby! (well, if your in shape that is) Just don’t underestimate the amount of water needed. which of course, I did. Again!

I shot a couple of videos up there that I intended to do a tutorial or two with. Perhaps someday I will edit them and post with a little photoshop production work (that is of course if there is enough usable footage to be had amongst the loud gasps for oxygen coming from yours truly!)

As always, more on all of this later…..

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