A License to Play – Expressions of Color in Vermont

“If we don’t take time to play, we face a joyless life of rigidity, lacking in creativity. The opposite of play isn’t work, but depression. If we’re going to adapt to changing economic and personal circumstances the way that nature armed us to do, then we have to find ourselves having some play time virtually every day.” – Stuart Brown and Christopher Vaughan from the book Play: How it shapes the Brain, Opens the imagination and invigorates the Soul

Sounds like a great book actually! Might be worth a peek 🙂

Its late, but not too late to stay on track with my October blogging goal! Nothing epic to say as its a bit late, but I thought I would post this one for today. Not my usual style at all, but I kinda like it.

The Daily Image – Expressions of Autumn

Lots of amazing images being posted all over the streams from friends in my online world of creatives. I’ve been enjoying the virtual journey asI was thinking about taking a last minute trip out to capture some of the color happening up North myself. However, I waited a little to long and then decided to stay local, get caught up on a few things, and slow down a few clicks. Kinda glad I did. Sometimes its nice to ramp it down a bit!

Feeling a bit Autumny though, I decided to dig a little through a file of images I captured last year from one of those leaf peeper trips and found this one. This was one of a few dozen I created while dragging the shutter as I photographed some amazing color in New England. A fun technique to play with as no two images are aver the same.

Sometimes, you have to allow yourself to just go out and play!

Expressions of Autumn


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