A little poolside lighting – Event at the #BreakersHotel

If all the worlds a stage, I think it needs better lighting (said somebody somewhere once)….

So tonights image is another from the archives of shots from what I do for a living. As this is more of a photo, travel, and photoshop sort of blog, I still sneak in a post here and there from the world I live in from time to time. I don’t like to refer to it as a job, but more of a chance to play in a sandbox from time to time with some really cool toys 🙂

A little poolside lighting - Events at the #BreakersHotel

It was a quick setup for my team and I on this one as the pool closes about 2 hours before the start of an event here. Our friends at The Breakers Hotel here in Palm Beach are always pretty accommodating for us and let us get in the evening before to pre-light and stage a few things, but it still required a pretty well coordinated execution. Times like this I treasure the amazing team I work with….and our battery powered LED uprights!

I dont blog too much over at our site (I really should actually!), but I have a few more images of our lighting designs and special event lighting over here if you are interested.

Enjoy 🙂


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