A Morning at the Harbour in Villefrance, France.

By the time I arrived to explore this little port just East of Nice in the South of France, the fisherman had long been back in port and cleaning their catch of the day. As far back as my days bumbling around the Greek Islands, I have always wanted to hitch a ride with one of these ole’ salty dogs and head out before sunrise to witness their life for a day. Actually, how fun would it be to bumble about the globe, with only a back pack and a camera or 2 to document the world? People at work, everyday life, the pulse of humanity, ……. without a care in the world? I have always found the concept of the documentary fascinating actually (if done well). Swoop in, get absorbed in another perspective of the world as seen by someone else, live it for a while, capture it, share it, and move on. I know, dreaming again…… 🙂

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