A peaceful evening along the Oregon Coast

So I decided to trek back deep into the hard drive to see what I could dig up. Man, I have a lot of unfinished images! I decided to challenge myself a wee bit with this one. The scene really didn’t scream out a need for HDR (this was done with one image), but I did have to massage it a bit to really tell the color and light story that I remembered that cool evening along the west coast. I have to make it back there one day and give it the time it really deserves. As I remember, I kinda scrambled up the coast in a rather quick and non Zen-like way. In retrospect, this Oregonian landscape deserves so much more respect than I took the time to give it!

The processes I used on this one had me taking a completely different approach here in the digital darkroom and I kinda like it 🙂

This one is worth clicking to view larger. Check it out 🙂
View On Black

And for the music. Although listening to this actually transports me to memories of train travel along the Mediterranean in Europe around 1993, I still like it to this day. Sure the style is kinda dated, but the tune rocks. Enjoy 🙂

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