A peak at fall color and Meet the Artist – Jon Gomm

“Music is the heartbeat of the universe. It reaches into the outer ramparts of eternity where time and space are nonexistent; it touches the stars and is reflected in the beauty of the galaxy. It is exemplified in the mathematical precision found in the largest star and the tiniest molecule. Music is emotional. It touches the heart and creates a response with the listener without his being aware of the technique.” ~ John Rossel

I have been known to get lost in the search for the right music. The visual is so closely tied to the right music as it is often the music that is the exact que to express the emotion that is right at the edge and ready to be experienced. Case in point, I went to see the movie “The Judge” tonight. I highly recommend it! As I am a softy and am the one that can always be seen sniffling and casually wiping his eyes at even the simplest of scenes, there is still a creative magic behind how that all unfolds. Sure its quite often a trait in a character that I can relate to, but its when the whole package comes together (the moving image with an amazing soundtrack) that true magic and expression takes place.

I was also thinking of that when I was searching for music to place behind a quick little video of still images I shared on my YouTube channel today. It must have sifted thru a hundred or so tracks (and found a cool one on Audio jungle) for the clip. More on that tomorrow, but till then, here are a couple of those shots from that clip. Not my usual style, but a few from a bunch that I captured from a couple of trips up to see the fall color in New England. Again, check back tomorrow for that!




So I allowed myself to get a little lost in the rabbit whole of the internet this morning. There was a share on my Facebook stream from someone who was sharing a video of a guitar player that was doing a casual cover of this song called Passion Flower. He was doing this kind of wacky “tuning as he was playing” kinda technique that I had never heard before. As it was a cover, they also referenced the origional composer by the name of Jon Gomm. Hmmm, I had never hear of him before. For what then was probably about an hour or so, I found myself getting lost in the art and style of his creative technique!

Meet the Artist – Jon Gomm

“A one-man symphony, fusing so many different strands of music together and straddling the gulf between blues and drum’n’bass, western rock’n’roll and Asian influences to create something unique and captivating.” – Isle Of Man Today

Like I have said before here many times, music sets the tone for the direction I take my own personal art. It’s very rare that I find myself doing even the simplest of things (invoicing, planning, processing, researching) without some sort of background music happening. Perhaps that can be seen as inefficient multitasking, but I’ll take the joy of the process over efficiency any day 🙂

In case you are reading this on the RSS feed, here is the link to the video I am sharing below as well as the website of Jon Gomm, tonights “Meet the Artist” guest.

Enjoy 🙂


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