A peak into Zion and Meet the Artist Pentatonix

“Life is your art. An open, aware heart is your camera. A oneness with your world is your film. Your bright eyes, your easy smile is your museum.” ~ Ansel Adams

I have this ongoing list of sorts, like a bucket list kinda, but more like a revisit bucket list. I had only planned on hanging out in Zion for a couple of days assuming that I could simply scoop up a pile of amazing images before exploring a few more locations in Southern Utah. The overcast weather was of course not part of my vision of said plan.

Again, another location for the “revisit” list 🙂

Into the sky in Zion

Click here for print of this!

So lets just get right to it. I promised you a weekly post of an artist (or artists) that cross my radar from time to time on these weekly Sunday evening posts. Once your make that kind of promise, Im not sure how it happens, but it seems like the days absolutely FLY by! Lets get back on track now, shall we 🙂

Meet the Artist – Pentatonix

The open air their canvas and their  harmonious voices their paintbrush.

I was originally introduced to this acapello act by a collaboration with Lindset Stirling on a remake of Radioactive. Apperently they were intruduced to the world on one of those “So you think you can sing or dance Americas best talent voice” kinda shows. (you know what I mean) Not sure exactly as I don’t watch too much TV, but thats what I hear. They have been making quite a splash on Youtube for a while though and as we are in the season, this recent creation showed up on my stream the other day and what can I say.


Enjoy 🙂

Or click here to enjoy the art of Pentatonix

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