A place to let it go – The temple at Burning Man

“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.” – Daphne Rose Kingma

There was a lot to soak in as a first time adventurer and participant into this world called Burning Man. Of course, that’s somewhat of an understatement. In a somewhat futile attempt to explain this temporary society to someone today, I settled on this; it’s kind of a mix between Blade Runner, Mad Max, Woodstock, A rave, and a Cirque Du Soleil Show. His response was a slighting more tilted to the side head than when he first asked the question.

This special place, the temple, is a massively detailed wood structure and a somewhat deeper and spiritual place to spend your time. When the blaring music from an art car isn’t passing by, it’s quite moving to wander about to see some of the many things that are written all over the walls and surfaces. Its a great place to let go of the past; to put closure to the mourning of a bad relationship, a deceased parent or loved one, or perhaps a tainted past. It’s almost impossible not to shed a tear or two as you read some of the passages that people share as a way to let go of grief. By my last visit there, the walls were virtually covered with memories, relics, and pictures from people from all over the world. Quite moving actually. There’s a lot of hurt out there.

By Sunday night, it all comes down ….. burned to the ground…..as a way of finally letting it all go.

Here’s a little more to the story of the temple. I’ve watched a few more clips from the creator and designer of this temple. He has done it for years. Absolutely amazing! Enjoy 🙂

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