A quick show wrapup…..

Hey there sports fans! (Geez, right out of the gate he’s goofin.) This is gonna go nowhere and fast!

Just finished a show up in Orlando for Major League Baseball. Seems like a million years ago, but it actually just ended yesterday morning…..very strange…

Anyway, not feeling overly chatty, but wanted to check in, say hi, post a few pics, and skadattle (even spell check said whaaatt?)

For me, these shows are always about the team, and this one was no exception. However, beyond being surrounded by some of the most incredibly positive, talented, creative, and professional players in the corporate meeting business, these guys have become great friends. Mix in a few great dinners, a million laughs, great conversation, good wine, and a swan boat (hmmm, that ones a hard one to explain), its easy to see why I look forward to working with the team!

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