A quick stop for clarity on the way to Key West (and a little bit of clarity)

As I type this entry and caption from the balcony of my new digs, I guess the real message for me is clarity. Sure I can wander not a few feet inside the sliding glass door and see chaos and clutter galore if I so desire, but I choose to see a work in progress. I mean, I just moved the furniture in today, and sure there are crates of things all over that need put away, but the pile will soon decrease, and all will will settle into the norm. It always does….for me that is…..

I guess the underlying morsel of information I was presented with this evening has me realizing how fortunate I really am. You see, this feeling of confidence and serenity with my life, along with a general feeling of normalcy is something I sometimes take for granted. I, more than ever in my life, seem to have a really clear picture of what I am and where I want to be.

While having dinner with a dear friend this evening, and listening to her stories of a twisted family she is working with, I was acutely reminded of just how difficult the concept of a normal, sane, and focused life must be to some unfortunate few. I know that this must mean virtually nothing to about all who will stumble upon it, but if I ever start T pinning various items to the wall in xiplock bags for no clear reason, its time to get out the net and chase me down. LOL!!!

Thanks for the company this evening Deb 🙂 ….. and PLEASE PLEASE take some good notes, cause you have a blockbuster in the works!!!

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