A quick view from the room

A quick view from the room, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

The skys in Florida have been amazing lately! I had a short break the other day between rehearsals and was treated to this light show just outside of the room. I love what can be done with one light sometimes. These God beams seem to appear out of nowhere for the fortunate few that take to time to enjoy the show. I have been seeing these alot lately…..but usually and unfortunately while I am driving. Would have been a great place for a timelapse actually….what was I thinking!

Incidentally, the show I am on this evening actually ended by 10:30. Kind of rare for a corporate event with a great band. When there is no bar however, things seem to empty out rather quickly. This puppy took a nose dive like a led balloon! Actually, that has nothing at all to do with this shot does it? Hmmm, well, guess thats about it……

As always, more to come…..

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