A small cottage in Ireland, a ramble of sorts, and a quick tip Tuesday

“How does it feel to be…one of the beautiful…PEOPLE!” – Julian Lennon with Steven Tyler

Beautiful People..thats you by the way!

Great song! (google it)

So I’ll be the first to admit it…

Some of these titles are pretty lame! (as well as some of these posts right?!)

Blogging 101 tells you that the subject or the title is the most important part of the message.

I get it.

But sometimes I wonder what indeed IS the message. Sometimes I just want to share a few words…..like a Facebook status update or a tweet…..

But the image here has and I am sure, will always be the foundation of the post.

For example, like all posts…I like to attach an image I have worked on and to at least, a very small part, call it my art. Of course this image may or (like most posts) not have anything to do with the rest of the message. They actually deserve their own unique and dedicated posts by themselves, but life is short and and sometimes you have to chunk it out.

Ireland…an Island that I feel that I “half explored” the last time around. I captured this one from a little cottage (actually this place could have slept 400!) that I stayed at as I bumbled my way across the landscape of this amazing country. Thank you Fiona for the tip btw!

I processed this one a bit differently than most of my images (more on that in a future video!). Thank you Lightroom 5! Amazes me what is actually hidden in those raw files!

Back up, save, and archive them all as you never know what you may be able to pull out of them or want to create in the future! (again, more on that in a future video as well!)

Mike….why all the !!! ???

A cottage in Ireland

So, now for something COMPLETELY different….

I recorded this for my daughter the other day and thought it might help a few out there. Photoshop is one of those eternal learning programs out there as one could spend a lifetime mastering it. I like to share a tip from time to time here like you know and since its Tuesday (or at least it WAS when I started typing all this nonsense), its time for another…

Quick tip Tuesday – Whats the deal with the Constraint Crop Tool!

Or watch the video here!

 And seriously, thanks for watching!

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or question in the comments.

I’d love to feature YOUR question in a future video!


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