A sneak peak a what’s to come…..

If there is one thing I love most about photography, it has to be how it keeps you constantly observing the world around you. Color, light, shadow, mood, detail,….its everywhere just waiting to be consumed. Nowhere for me (besides travel of course), does this mindset of awareness happen than those special moments just before the guests enter an event that we are lighting. After several hours and sometimes days of preparation, its always those unique moments that I really get to appreciate the great art of what we helped create!

These 2 videos recently uploaded by my friend Rubin. The first is from a wedding that we lit at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach and the second one is from this event above. I’ve known him for several years as he used to video the events we did for Roche way back in the late 80’s (guess I am dating myself here) Man, he really is an artist….. and a quick editor!

Enjoy his art 🙂

Jordana + Michael from Senderey Video on Vimeo.

Alexandra + Michael from Senderey Video on Vimeo.

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