A somewhat unique view in Boston (and a ramble about art)

We have all heard someone or other express their dream of taking time off to “work on their art.” In the extreme instance, this little phrase is preceded by “I’d like to take a year off to……” I must admit, my attitude as an overworked and workaholic entrepreneur in my earlier years often had me rolling my eyes when I heard this saying and muttering to myself, geez…..get a life.

How life changes you though.

As I tirelessly prepare for a few events that I have just around the corner, I find myself kinda wishing the same thing. How cool WOULD that be?

I must admit, I have had those feelings for a couple of years now. It is with those feelings that I have kind of embraced a bit of a slow down in volume in the events world while enjoying a little balance in life. This has of course allowed me to explore my own passion in the digital arts world.

Sometimes the work hits a bit hard and balance is somewhat impossible to achieve. In fact, just the other day, as I stared with utter dismay at the overwhelming pile of unfinished business and paperwork I had on my desk, I had to stop myself from opening up the window and cleaning up a bit….with the yard blower! Man, how cool would that have been to video tough? Now there’s some art for ya!

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