A stop in the tunnel on the way to the port – Somewhere in the South of France

As I walked down those stairs you see on the left thru this cool labyrinth of tunnels and passage ways on my way to the beach, I just had to stop and do a double take at what I was missing. What was the rush? Wow, look at all those details waiting to be captured. I have always appreciated the beauty of decay throughout Europe. For me, its a perspective. Its all in how you look at it. For instance, take right now. I was supposed to be in Austin by now, and most likely, would have been trekking about the city of Austin with Trey from Stuck in Customs. Having said that, the sushi is pretty good here at “One flew South” at the Atlanta airport! If you are ever stranded here for 4 hours like me, pay them a visit. Sometimes its not so bad having a flight delay 🙂

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