A time-lapse experiment in New York

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

I talk a lot about the importance of play, experimentation, and creative expression here on the blog. Funny how your never needed to be told that as a kid. Soon after the exit of school however, society and corporate America has a different plan for you. It’s ok to play, but first, be productive and acquire the means to consume. Thats what we need you to do. Consume. You can play afterwords after you help keep the machine moving.

I know, a strange perspective for a beautiful Sunday morning! (kinda true though)……

Image of the Day – A room with a view

Having played my part in society for the week (worked), I decided to stay a couple of days in the city and “play” for a couple of days. After spending a few minutes (or was it hours) searching the inter webs for a place to stay that wasn’t going to require a mortgage, I decided to settle into a place up on the upper west side of Manhattan called the Empire Hotel. Located just steps away (literally across the street!) from the Lincoln Center and a couple of blocks away from a great friend I decided to visit as well, it seemed like a great choice…..and it was.

The roof top balcony and pool area seemed like a great place to set up the sticks and capture a few night time HDR images and panoramas and was one of the reasons I booked the place. Being a weekend however, it was closed off to guests for 2 separate private parties. Damn! Oh well, the view from the room will have to do!

Now lets go out and explore the city…..

Room with a view....kinda

So after what I later heard was a kind of freak storm that produced flooding throughout the city, I decided to head out into the sandbox to play a bit. Manhattan has always been an ever changing canvas of light, color, and texture and capturing some of that into the late evening hours after a storm just what this kid needed 🙂

While out exploring a bit and having dinner with a friend, I left the D800 on the tripod in the room zoomed into the street corner outside my window. Not knowing what to do with the 3 or 4 clips I had, I started messing around with a few other “shutter drag” taxi shots I had, found a cool little music clip, and quickly processed a few other shots from the night to create this.

Kinda fun to give yourself a chance to play 🙂

Or watch the video here!

 Your turn…

Go out and play!

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