A View from the Room – Atlantis in the Bahamas

“The sun illuminates only the eye of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of the child” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not sure if I have ever shared this one on the blog here. The timing was perfect. I had just arrived into my room (what a view by the way!) for an event I was illuminating in the Bahamas. As you know, I often talk about how blessed I am. It’s always quite an honor when a client admires your work enough to take you on location to work with the local team to help bring their design vision to life. For me, it’s always an extra special treat for me as I love to travel as well as capture the world as I see it to share with you all!

Not sure if I shared this one either, but here is a little clip I put together from this event as well. The local team there was amazing to work with and of course, I look forward to making it back there soon! Just a quick side note, I was experimenting with a rented DSLR video camera (this was before I received my Nikon 5100 and D800). It was a mix of clips from a Canon T3i, the iphone, and I think a Canon G10. Not sure of that actually now that I think of it. Lets just say that there were a few sources. After the capture, editing was done in a program called Screenflow. While not an epic video, its not too bad for being chopped together on site with the laptop in about an hour 🙂


On a completely different note…..

I’ve been taking a few minutes (all right, hours!) sorting, importing, and organizing my images from several sources that were set up as temporary dumps so to speak, and in the process, have been uncovering quite a few folders. You know how it is…..you intend to stay organized in Lightroom, but sometimes you just drag those memory card folders onto an external hard drive and lable the file “to import later”. And then you do it aain, and again… Time to clean it all up now before it gets out of control! Although I think I have a pretty organized workflow, all it takes is a busy weekend or 2 in the season and its an instant trainwreck!

(am I the only one that does this?)

Also, my lightroom catalogue is also getting quite a bit large actually. With all the HDR brackets I grab, that thing has actually ballooned to over 200 thousand images. If I imported all the time-lapse images, it would be even crazier!

Any tips on the best way to start a new catalogue?

Should I create several catalogues?

I was thinking of one for HyLite, one for timelapses, one for travel, one for family.

Whats the best way to move these files of images into new catalogues? Can you click and drag them?

How do you handle the challenge of so many images in one large catalogue? How many images are too much for one catalogue?

As always, more on this later as well as the solution I come up with for my workflow 🙂

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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