A view from the room – Exploring Monument Valley

“The Mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

So this was the view from the room. Can you believe it!?

Highly recommended if you are going to be exploring this part of the country. Sure, you can just stop by and grab the obligatory tourist snapshot midday, but staying right on the edge of the park for early morning and late evening “light” is one of the keys to getting great images isn’t it? Of course, this was taken mid day, but can you imagine this place as the sun sets?!

Aside from the photographers perspective, the real magic of these kinda places happens after the tourist busses have gone and you have the whole place to yourself. The nighttime sky here is AMAZING!

Check out the hotel here if you are heading that way and make sure and spend some time driving the dirt road into the valley while you are there. Its a little rough in some places, but the rental car didn’t seem to mind 🙂

A view from the room - Monument Valley

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