A view from the room – San Diego Night Lights

To call me a lazy photographer for this shot is of course an understatement!

Not too bad for shooting through the glass about 6 feet from the bed….

Sometimes asking for a nice room with a view pays off 🙂  What a great place for a time-lapse!

While in San Diego recently illuminating an event, I put the camera to work while I wasn’t in the room. As the clicking of the shutter every 10 seconds or so would have made me mad, I took every opportunity to wet up the kit when I wasn’t actually IN the room.

Hope they weren’t bother next door now that I think of it :/

A view from the roomCapturing time-lapse clips with the D800 is so easy, I find myself doing it quite often. Without any real reason behind creating them other than its fun to immediately see the result, I often wonder why I collect them in the first place. Sometimes its best not to think too deeply about what drives us I guess. Here are a couple of those clips for ya though. Not too bad for shooting through the hotels thick glass don’t ya think?!

Or watch the video here!

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