A view of Tampa after a great start of the week

As I head into this week, I hope to do something a bit different on this blog. My normal style of post has me usually plucking random images from events and travels from the past. For a change, I hope to stay a bit more current for the week.

Whatever, right…..?

So, first off, we are off to a rockin start. We seem to be right on schedule and are positioned well for a great week of events here in Tampa. It was nice to have a chance to head out to dinner with my crew tonight to reflect on a great day of accomplishment while sharing a few laughs at stories from the past. Its such a pleasure to work with such great people, thats for sure.

So, for a start this week, I created this image from the view from my room. Although shot threw the window, turning the lights out kept out most of the reflections.

As always, more to follow, but for now…..its shut eye time!

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