A walk along the coast

As is so often the case, the real image that I want to create sits dormant buried in a stack of zeros and ones somewhere on the hard drive. Whether exploring the local world around me or in some exotic local, the process seems to be the same. Seek out, soak in, click and capture, and God willing…..an image will be created someday.

I truly do love to wander…always have. I am sure that the word wanderlust was created by someone who I share this passion with. I can remember my first transatlantic flight like it was yesterday. Upon landing in Gatwick International airport in London, my inquisitive mind wouldn’t let my body rest for at least 30 straight hours. Subsequently, each trip after that started the exact way. Hmm, the hundreds of miles I must have logged!

Knowing that, I guess I could have predicted how my travels would take shape as I treked up the coast of California last year. As I wandered up through this beautiful state, It was hard to stop. Clicking like a mad man as I explored, I couldn’t wait for the next turn. I could spend a lifetime bringing these images back to life. Hope you like this one as much as I do.

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