A walk along the Seine in Paris

During my last evening in Paris, I found myself tirelessly wandering about the city in a last ditch effort to capture a few images in this “City of Lights.” In a way, not wanting the trip to ever end, and at the same time, homesick for my little sunshine waiting for me at home. While wandering around the Seine embankment, I couldn’t help but think of the countless times I sat back with my daughter and watched a cute DVD by Disney/Pixar called Ratatouille. Set in Paris, they do quite an incredible job portraying the feel of this city, even though it is seen thru the eyes of a cute little rat! Remy is unlike his fellow rats and dreams of becoming a chef – a dream not shared by the rest of his family or anyone in the catering industry, except one young man…After a series of jobs which didn’t work out, Linguini is the new boy in the kitchen. Trying his hardest to make it work this time, he bumps into Remy and the adventure begins.

I was reminded of this movie and especially the scene when Linguini, the new line cook, first realizes that he can communicate with the little critter. This scene happened down along the embankment where I was. I know its sounds a little strange, but I almost felt like I was in the scene of that movie while exploring about. Kinda like I had entered a real life Pixar movie. Perhaps it was the music on the Ipod or my imagionation? Yeah, I guess it was pretty late! Well, just after I clicked off this exposure, I kinda saw a little scurry out of my left eye. A quick double take…..I realized that it was a rat, and for a split second, as he stopped and stared up at me with those cute little beady eyes, I had a feeling that, well, could it be? Like I said, it was late!

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