A Walk in Boston

Another walk in Boston

Yet another walk in Boston

Last walk in Boston

Not too chatty tonight so I hope the images kinda tell the story. After all, thats what they are supposed to do. While going thru a few of my shots from a couple of street wandering trips from this week in Boston, I remembered a little print template that I got from Lightroom Killer Tips. For anyone using this powerful program to catalogue, tag, and process your images, the site is a great resource for tips, tricks, and resources. Matt also posts a processing or printing preset every so often for free, and some of them are really cool! In fact, I think I used a few on some of these. So anyway, this print template is one that he called panorama and here are 4 banners that I created from a few shots from my little photo walks. I like this look for the mere fact that I think these shots are more powerful as a collection, kinda like a few pages from a travel magazine (well, not really, but you get the idea.)

Dat’s it for now folks….have a great weekend 🙂

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