A week of event lighting by Hy-lite Productions “The Food Network”

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.  ~Mary Dunbar

When I set off on this mission of the week (to post a series of images each and every night for 7 days of events that I have lit this past season), I was only partly aware of the challenge ahead. The process I go thru with my images is quite time consuming, but I think its well worth it. Part of the drive behind this quest has to do with the new blog layout and its larger images. I am also getting really close to turning the switch on my lighting website soon and I will most likely be placing a few of these images over there as well. I am pretty happy with how it is turning out, so stay tuned. After quite a few years, it was really time to update that puppy!

You know, with all that being said, I have to laugh. It happens all the time….a client or fellow vendor sees me scurrying about (and I can scurry when need be!) just before the event starts and says “hey, can you make sure I get a few?” Aaahhh, yeah, don’t hold your breath though. With the extreme range of lighting levels in most of these event lighting shots, its almost impossible for me to release images I have not put a little work into. Right out of the camera…in my opinion, they are just never good enough. After processing the average 9 exposure scene in Photomatix, tonemapping, creating the HDR image, cleaning up in photoshop, getting rid of the noise, adding a few more tricks if needed,  well…..lets just say that a good amount of time has passed by. So, if you see me on the next event and ask me for a few shots….sure I’ll get a few to ya…..hahaha….someday, I promise!

Enough of the babble…..

Here are a few images I worked on this evening from a really cool event we did in Miami for the Food Network during the Food and Wine Show in February 2010. As I have done the past couple of posts, look for links for other team players from the event below!

A few members of the team!

Event Design and Production Scenic Elementz
The Venue Shore Club Miami
The Lighting Hy-Lite Productions, Inc.
The Flowers Touch of Paradise

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