A week with Hylite Productions – Just at the peak of the party! (and a peak at a cool TED video)

We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.  ~Earl Nightingale

Most of my photography and images from celebrations are taken just before the energy kicks in. Sure there is a crazy somewhat chaotic series of events that takes place prior to when the guests arrive. Trucks at the dock, several vendors loading in, riggers, floral, banquet services setup, and of course…..the usual miscellaneous pile of vendors I knew nothing about trying to plug in electrical items wherever they think they can steal some power from! (sorry, that last little rant is a pet peeve of mine!……I’ll continue now) When the moment clicks though….at the peak of the evening….when the music is just right …..when everyone is at a peak state of bliss, nothing can go wrong, …..and thats when its all worth it!

Although I posted this one before, I really like it. Having had my new Nikon D3 for all of about 1 week, I decided to bring it along to the event. Having one hand on the lighting console at the stroke of midnight and the camera in the other, I rapid fired off a few shots and got lucky! Like I said, most of my shots are of the completed setup. I rarely get the chance to capture the real essence of the party and one of the try reasons I am so passionate about the event.

I’ve been working on a few more images from the season that I plan on posting this week. I am really happy with a few of them and can’t wait to share them with ya. I’ll see ya back here tomorrow!

Oh, one more thing. I have mentioned a couple of times on this blog the movie coming out called “Eat, Love, Pray”. I hadn’t realized it until a few moments ago that a photographer I follow ( John Paul Caponagro…I link to him on the bottom of this blog) had posted a link to this cool TED video a while ago. I remember watching this, but didn’t know who she was at the time. She really really is a wonderful speaker and has some really cool things to say about creativity, and since that’s one of the driving points of this blog, I decided to share. I hope you enjoy….I did! 🙂

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