Afternoon sky from the balcony

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the things that attracted me to the place I am living in right now was the balcony. It’s a little wider that most units here with a lot of room to safety place the camera and tripod for time lapses! This time of year, the weather quite often changes drastically in the late afternoon. Nothing like an unobstructed front row seat for the show!

Here is a little HDR bracket I created while I was capturing a few clips from the D800. I posted a quick image on my Instagram and Facebook stream from the iPhone while collecting a few clips of the ever-changing sky and was reminded from my buddy Jim Nix that it might be “bracket worthy.” I think it was! Thanks for the reminder Jim 🙂

While there are many ways to capture and create time lapses, I have recently enjoyed using the built in time-lapse function in the D800 to create them. As you can see here, I have been experimenting for a while now.

The camera surprisingly does a good job at smoothing out the spikes in exposure that the traditional way of capturing one image at a time, importing into quicktime as a sequence, and then exporting as a movie file did. There is of course a way to get rid of those spikes with a program like LRtimelapse, but like I said, I am pretty happy with the Nikons built in feature for quick creations.

As always, more as the learning journey continues!

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