Almost to Cannon Beach

It was another day of “Chasing the Light.” As I treked up the Oregon Coast, location was was my focus for sunset times. With that in mind, I’m not sure how I boshed it up. I wanted to get to Cannon Beach by about 6PM. Well, 6PM had me at least an hour south of there. I was zig zagging and weaving up and down a mountain road that I didn’t want to be on…..Oops! I eventually had to abort the mission and find a location…and quick. The sun was dropping like a bowling ball! Sounds kinda strange, but if your goal for the day is to catch great lighting, this can get a little stressful. Sad, but true! Well, after the captures were done, it was time to find a nice driftwood log to sit on and relax. The cool breeze, the sound of the Pacific waves, the smell of wood burning fireplaces and bonfires up in the dunes… is good!

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