Along the coast of Maine (watch your step!) and a peak at the original shots

“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.” – Author Unknown

You know, its kinda funny. Stumbling about the rocks and tide pools here along the coast of Maine, I was sure I was soaking it all in. With the earbuds in, and a great playlist on, I try to let the scene pull me in deep…..zen like cinematic deep (whatever the heck that means). As I worked on the image tonight however, I noticed alot more detail than I remember being there at the scene.

There is a small window of time to really capture that special light, but I try not to let that stress me out. Kinda sad when it fades away though, but great to relive when the candles are burning and the creative process evolves on screen…..a few months later.

There is a process….a rather involved process that most of my images go through. I know I have promised a little peak into the workflow and magic a few times…..and have delivered zilch, but its still on the list. Until then, here is a peak at 3 of the original files that I used when creating this shot. I first processed all 5 of the original NEF files in Photomatix Pro 2 separate times to get 2 separate HDR images. This allowed me to pull in warm and cool color temperatures where I wanted them. The next process was to take these HDR shots into photoshop as separate layers and by using layer masks, I was able to get a version I liked. The whole process then gets refined again with a few other tricks and plugins.

It still amazes me that we are able to pull out all of that color and detail from these base images!

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