Along the colorful California Coast somewhere near Pismo Beach (I think) with another HDR Photography tip video (these titles are getting WAY too long!)

As a lazy photographer, I sometimes (all right, quite often actually) find myself out in the most unoptimal of conditions while I attempt to capture the beauty that lies ahead of me. Mid day high contrast light…not the best time to be out to capture that wonderful light, but it’s when I finally made my way down here to this spot on the California coast. I think it was near Pismo Beach, but not sure. I don’t take notes. Hours of recorded rambles into my pocket recorder, not no real information. LOL…but that’s a story for another post all together!

I created and posted this image here as well from a cave just around the corner from this location. Here is a link to that one in case you didn’t see it. I also do an epically long video explaining the process.

So much to see along that coast!

I also took a little time to create a short video (though not quite short enough!) while at this location as well as a little clip from the processing I did in post. Its only about 16 minutes long with to be honest with you, it about 15 minutes too long! I give you a little insite into the location as well as my thought process in post. I promise, they will get a little better…and a lot shorter too!

Enjoy 🙂

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