Always in my head ……

So, I could get into a MUCH deeper post tonight….but its late. Maybe I should start a “before dark 30” month and see how that works.

Good idea Mike…a “before that first cup of joe’ post”…….good luck on that!

Maybe soon, we’ll see. Till then…..


Lots of fun memories of this alley and the art we were trying to create in it. A dancer, a proud dad, a photog with a vision…..a few “OK” frames….. a smile on my face just recalling that rainy evening in Annecy, France

Life FLYS by us….doesn’t it?

So, I was listening to a little Coldplay on the way home tonight and realized how a certain theme or topic continuously plays back in my head …. regardless of how long time has passed.

Treasure those moments, no matter how small they may seem….

Means most likely NOTHING to the average reader to this blog…..but means a lot to me.

Not to worry, Ill expand on this post soon……

till then……



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